You know

I think you already know how I feel for you. You look at me as if telling me that you know despite all my attempts to mask it. You look at me as if you don’t mind it at all but you also plan to do nothing about it. I am overthinking again. Anyway, I hope for you to know that I am also trying my best to get rid of these feelings. 


Where is the key?

It is frustrating. You said you hate being with him but the next day, I’ll see you talking and laughing with him. You said you want to spend time with your friends but when I invite you, you walk away. You come back then act as if nothing has happened. Afterwards, we go back to acting like nothing has happened. I want to talk to you but it is so difficult. I try hard to understand you but you keep confusing me. I know people change, but people can also learn to adjust to change. I am trying to adjust but it is getting difficult. I feel Locked in this friendship with you. Tell me, where is the key?